Team publications

Team publications

Marrella 2019 describes a Clinical-Relevant reliable 3D neuroblastoma Model towards immunotherapies testing (Title: “Cell-Laden Hydrogel as a Clinical-Relevant 3D Model for Analyzing Neuroblastoma Growth, Immunophenotype, and Susceptibility to Therapies” Front Immunol)

Cavo 2018 describes a 3D breast tumor model cultured within the multi in vitro organ device (Title: “A new cell-laden 3D Alginate-Matrigel hydrogel resembles human breast cancer cell malignant morphology, spread and invasion capability observed in vivo” Scientific Reports)

Marrella 2018 describes a electrospun mesh as permeable porous model (Title: “Green-reduced” graphene oxide induces in vitro an enhanced biomimetic mineralization of polycaprolactone electrospun meshes” Materials Science and Engineering)

Marrella 2018 describes a bioreactor for cardiac applications (Title:”A combined low-frequency electromagnetic and fluidic stimulation for a controlled drug release from superparamagnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles: potential application for cardiovascular diseases” J R Soc Interface)

Marrella 2017 describes a 3D fluidic bioreactor platform for articular tissue applications (Title: “Design and development of a 3D fluidic bioreactor platform for a combined mechanical/perfusing stimulation of articular substitutes” EORS)

Cavo 2016 describes a 3D cell laden breast cancer model (Title:”Microenvironment complexity and matrix stiffness regulate breast cancer cells activity in a 3D in vitro model” Scientific Reports)

Beke 2014 describes a nanocoating of surfaces for improved cell activity (Title: “Improved cell activity on biodegradable photopolymer scaffolds using titanate nanotube coatings” Materials Science and Engineering C Bol Appl )

Pastorino 2014 describes the collagen based functionalization of substrates for enhanced cellular response (Title: “Oriented collagen nanocoatings for tissue engineering” Colloids and Surfaces B)

Coluccino 2012 describes alginate based hydrogels as osteochindral tissue model (Title: “Bioactive TGFbeta – CaP- alginate based scaffolds for osteochondral tissue repair: design, realization and multi-level characterization” TERMIS)

De Napoli 2011 describes the use of bioreactors for bone tissue engineering applications (Title: “Mesenchymal stem cell culture in convection-enhanced hollow fibre membrane bioreactors for bone tissue engineering” J of Membrane Science)

Scaglione 2010 describes the use of bioreactors for ligament tissue engineering applications (Title: “A three-dimensional traction/torsion bioreactor system for tissue engineering” Int Journal of Artif Organs)

Scaglione 2008 describes the effect of shear stress induced fluid flow on stem cell differentiation (Title: “Effects of fluid flow and calcium phosphate coating on human bone marrow stromal cells cultured in a defined 2D model system” Journal of Biomedical Material Research Part A)

Scaglione 2006 describes the effect of perfused fluid flow for generating osteogenic grafts (Title: “ Engineering of osteoinductive grafts by isolation and expansion of ovine bone marrow stromal cells directly on 3D ceramic scaffolds” Biotechnology Bioengineering)

Buratti 2019 describes a intestinal permeation assay within MIVO (Title: ” An vitro demonstration of different intestinal absorption mechanisms of lactulose and mannitol by using 3D tissue inserts within fluidic multi-chamber devices” Eusaat)

Marrella 2019 describes a drug efficacy test against ovarian cancer within MIVO (Title: “The combination of 3D human cancer tissues and fluid-dynamic drug administration as winning strategy for in vitro drug efficacy testing” Eusaat)

Quaranta 2010 describes the development of bioreactor for small blood vessels (Title: “Bioreactor system for engineering small blood vessels” TERMIS)

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