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Our scientific support is part of your experiments.

Our team of expert researchers, engineers, and scientists work closely with you to design and develop the best assays tailored to your specific needs and feedback.

Our MIVO® millifluidic technology provides more predictive results with high accuracy and reliability, enabling us to deliver fast and precise data, ensuring that your project stays on track and schedule.

We know Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) assays are essential components of the drug development process, and outcome data is used to optimize the drug dose, maximizing effectiveness while reducing adverse effects.
Let’s work together, investigating the interaction of the drug with the body in a 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine) compliant approach.

Validated assays


Gut Permeation Assay

This assay allows an in vivo-like prediction of intestinal absorption, which is the first crucial step establishing the drug or compound fraction which successfully enters the blood circulation.

Skin Permeation

Skin Permeation Assay

This human skin permeation assay provides a valuable tool for measuring the permeation of compounds through human skin, offering applications for drug delivery and risk assessment analysis.

Drug Efficacy Assay

Drug Efficacy Testing

MIVO® allows an improved modelling of human reaction to drug compounds, contributing to higher-quality screening of therapeutic candidates prior moving to clinical trials.

Immune Infiltration

Immune Cells Infiltration

The immune system plays a central role in many diseases. The assay based on MIVO® technology precisely control and study the crosstalk between resident and circulating immune cells and organ-specific components.

Cells Killing

Immune-mediated Tumor Cells killing

A tailored immune-tumor model allows to accurately mimic human pathophysiology and evaluate potential immunotherapies for personalized medicine.


In vitro toxicology

An assay to accurately define a human-relevant safety profile for preclinical drug candidates and precisely predict hidden side effects.


Testing & Screening Services

The sound scientific background is our strength. We listen to you, understand your needs, and identify the best technological solution that better suits you.

We are here to help with pre-clinical decisions, assist with early-stage drug discovery assays, and lower the risk involved with prospective molecules. With our MIVO technology, we can more closely recapitulate biological systems and give more predictivity to your tests.

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Our technology and your knowledge can give answers to your questions by custom-made in vitro models and innovative protocols to support your claims and fit your needs.

We can carry out screening services, develop new 3D tissue models or walk side by side into exploratory testing.


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