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We think as biologists, feel as researchers and act like engineers.

The peculiarity of React4Life is the coexistence of strategic vision along with technical and scientific skills in the team that help to seize the needs of the life science world and provide them with effective technological solutions.

By working with the world’s leading scientists in the field of tissue engineering, 3D tissue models and cellular biology, we aim to advance disease knowledge and drug testing by MIVO® technology, the next generation of effective in vitro 3D fluid-dynamic assays.

Our History

React4life was launched in 2016 as an innovative company by a team of scientists and promoters of breakthrough technologies.

In 2010 Maurizio Aiello, a physicist with several interests in science, technology, emerging trends and economics, met Silvia Scaglione, a bioengineer researcher with significant international scientific experience in tissue engineering, biomaterials and bioreactors. 

In 2016 React4life was founded and a team of scientists and promoters of breakthrough technologies started to join them both in the headquarter and lab in Genoa.

Scientific validations and happy clients among high-level institutions, research centres and pharma companies consider MIVO® – Multi In Vitro Organ as the most innovative organ-on-chip technology; it can emulate  the human biology in vitro towards more predictive and reliable models.

Our Vision

We have the ambition to turn the promise of biomedical research into concrete benefits for society.

Our Mission

We aim to spread our cutting-edge MIVO® technology and increase the number of its applications, making it a standard in vitro tool for everyday testing. Our goal is to accelerate drug development and boost personalized oncological medicine.

Our Values

We believe in high-quality standards and sound scientific results to lead our products to excellence. 

Honesty, efficiency, reliability and respect are principles behind our relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.

Meet our Founders

Passionate, driven, and hardworking are just a few of the words to describe our founders

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Our Team


Maurizio Aiello

Dr. Maurizio Aiello


Physicist & Founder and CEO in 3 startups
Italian delegate to European Commission
(H2020 program)
President of SOSIA Technological pole
Author of more than 60 scientific papers
Past President Technological District SIIT

Silvia Scaglione

Eng. Silvia Scaglione


PhD in Biomedical Engineering
Author of more than 100 scientific papers
Inventor of 7 patents
ITWIIN best inventor 2019 award
FET Open Horizon 2020 Project coordinator
European Innovation Council Ambassador


Marco Poggi

Marco Poggi

Co-founder | HR Manager

Francesco Cantoro

Francesco Cantoro

General Affair Manager


Elisabetta Palamà

Senior Cell Biology Scientist, PhD

Natalia Ozimo

Natalia Ozimo

Marketing Manager

Fabiana Arvigo

Fabiana Arvigo

Senior Accountant

Simone Costa

Simone Costa

Sales Specialist, Technical-Scientific Support, PhD

Open Positions

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Andrea Bean

Vice President, Head of Global Marketing Excellence @ Vifor Pharma

Heiko Visarius

Medtech Expert, executive in healthcare sector

Alessandro Piermanni Lawyer

Alessandro Piermanni

Corporate M&A Partner | Head of Industrials @ DLA Piper Italy

Luca Baroldi Torelli

Medical Doctor, Specialized in Cardiology

Giorgio Chirivì

Giorgio Chirivì

SME Finance Transaction Manager @ UBI Banca


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