About us


React4life was launched in 2016 as innovative startup company by a team of scientists and promoters of breakthrough technologies.

In 2010 Maurizio Aiello, polyhedric with heterogenous interests (relativity, motorbike, cybersecurity) and brilliant theoretical nuclear physicist, already founder of startups, meets Silvia Scaglione, bioengineer researcher with an important international scientific production in tissue engineering, biomaterials and bioreactors besides strong managerial skills and willing to applied research. Together they collaborate on scientific research and brainstorm on creating technological solutions to transform the promise of biomedical research in concrete benefits for the mankind. The germ of the future React4life was born.

The company is now headquartered in Genoa and Milan, Italy. Our manufacturing site is located in Mirandola, the most important biomedical district in Europe. Here we produce MIVO® under strictly controlled cleanroom conditions.  This manufacturing site enables fully scalable production of 15.000 MIVO® per month.

React4life’s technological and marketing achievements have been recognized by several national and international awards. Scientific validations are proven by significant findings in peer-reviewed journals

Our company

Our team covers consolidated expertise in the field of tissue engineering, bioengineering, regenerative medicine, informatics and entrepreneurship. The multidisciplinarity of the team allows to operate in the world of business and public administration at all levels.

By working with the world’s leading scientists in the field of tissue engineering, 3D tissue models and cellular biology, we aim to advance disease knowledge and drug testing by supporting with MIVO® technology, the next generation of effective in vitro 3D fluid-dynamic assays.

We enable the scientists to transform their testing concept in concrete programs, providing an in vitro human systemic platform that allows the use of clinically-relevant size tissue models and physiological fluidic environments.

Our MIVO-based technology provides quicker, more reliable and effective data, enabling R&D centers and pharma companies to accelerate the disease knowledge and preclinical drug testing

We continue to find new and innovative ways of collaborating with academic institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Vision

We want to transform the promise of biomedical research in concrete benefits for the mankind.

Our Mission

Our mission is to diffuse our innovative technology (MIVO®) over the highest number of health and well-being applications, allowing professionals to understand its easy-to-use and efficacy, making it the in vitro standard tool for every-day testing. Our goal is to accelerate drug development and boost oncological personalized medicine.

Our values

We believe in the excellence of our products and services, dictated by high quality standards, as well as in the integrity and precision in our scientific work.

We offer an important contribution in the development of innovative technology and in the offer of our services in safety and efficacy, aimed at improving the quality of life.

Honesty, efficiency, transparency, reliability and respect are the key words that accompany our daily activity in the relationship with customers, suppliers and our partners.