MIVO® technology

Multi In-Vitro Organ device

The MIVO® technology provides an in vitro fluidic multi-chamber platform for more reliable 3D fluid-dynamic assays to improve the effectiveness of pharmaceutical tests, discover innovative therapeutic approaches, and reduce animal testing.

It can easily accommodate and cultivate under sterile conditions commercial 3D human reconstructed tissues (e.g. epidermis, the vascular wall, small intestine), biopsies of different shape and thickness or cellularized membranes to suit your testing needs.

MIVO® provides a multiple fluidic circulation and multi-chamber system for culturing cells in vitro resembling the real tissues complexity. According to the chosen tip, MIVO is sold as:

  • MIVO® Single Flow
  • MIVO® Double Flow
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Single-side fluidic circulation

MIVO® Single Flow

The interfacing tissue separates the donor chamber from the receiver one; the fluid is able to flow in the receiver chamber at a capillary velocity while in the donor chamber the biological environment is static.

This configuration allows to combine the chemical measurements of molecule/drug absorbed through the tissue with the biological assays to evaluate the effect of the molecule on the tissue coltured.

Double-side fluidic circulation

The fluid is able to flow through two different circuits both in the upper and in the lower chamber; different culture media can be fully managed (flow rate, ph, metabolic concentrations, and others). Both the upper and the lower fluid flow circuits are connected to a pump and their tubes blocked on the plate through the stoppers.

MIVO® Double Flow

MIVO® can be placed within the incubator, together with the pump. The three-way valve allows the on-time sampling of the culture media for metabolic, biological or chemical assays.

Despite plate rockers, the pump allows to resemble required the physiological environment: the  capillary, interstitial or arterial fluid flow velocities can be properly managed by using different flow rate. Consequently, different shear stressed are derived.

MIVO® features

That’s why MIVO® device is the best solution for your cell culture or drug development

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