Advancing drug discovery through human-relevant models

Animal models are often used in preclinical studies to test the safety and efficacy of drug candidates before they are tested in humans. However, there are significant differences between animal models and humans, both in terms of their physiology and their genetics, which can lead to misleading results. As a result, many drug candidates that show promise in animal models fail in clinical trials, often due to unexpected toxicity or lack of efficacy.

This highlights the need for more human-relevant models for preclinical drug testing, such as human organoids and other advanced in vitro models like organ on chips.

Bridging the Gap between Animal Studies and Clinical Trials


A model for investigating safety and potential toxicities of drugs

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A reliable system for boosting tissue engineering applications

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A platform to accelerate the drug development pipeline

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Immuno Oncology


A platform to investigate immune/tumour cells crosstalk

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More predictive preclinical studies by mimicking human biology

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The challenge: Evaluating safety and toxicology is a crucial aspect of drug development, and current preclinical models often fail to accurately predict toxicity in human body.

Our solution: By accurately mimicking the human microenvironment, MIVO organ-on-a-chip models allow a better understanding of the safety and efficacy of drugs, and help to identify potential toxicities earlier in the drug development process, reducing the need for animal testing.

Readouts: Live imaging, cell viability assay, apoptosis assay, proliferation assay, immunofluorescence, molecular analysis, histological analysis.

Fedi et al. Bioengineering (2023)


The challenge: Drug efficacy testing faces many challenges, including lack of predictive preclinical models, complexity of diseases and heterogeneity of human populations.

Our solution: MIVO® technology can replicate the physiological conditions of human organs in vitro, enabling the testing of drug candidates in a high-throughput manner, for faster and more efficient screening of potential drugs.

Readouts:Live imaging, cell viability assay, apoptosis assay, proliferation assay, immunofluorescence, molecular analysis, histological analysis.

Marrella et al. ALTEX (2021)Barbosa et al. Cancers (2022)
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The challenge: Drug absorption is a crucial step in the pharmacokinetics of a drug, as it determines the amount of drug that reaches the systemic circulation and can have a therapeutic effect. One of the biggest challenges in drug absorption testing is accurately predicting the behaviour of a drug in the complex environment of the human body.

Our solution: By mimicking the physiological structure and function of organs in the human body, our platform allows to investigate how drugs are absorbed and metabolized by specific organs. This can help to identify drug candidates with optimal absorption profiles and determine the most effective delivery methods for specific drugs.

Readouts: Live imaging, immunofluorescence, molecular analysis, HPLC, ELISA.

Fedi et al. Journal of Controlled Release (2021)Pulsoni et al. SLAS Technology (2022)


The challenge: Current immunotherapies rely on enhancing the immune system’s ability to eradicate cancer cells, while conventional cell culture models do not adequately replicate the tumor microenvironment, resulting in low predictability, reliability, and immune compatibility.

Our solution: an immune-tumor-on-chip model, which enables the replication of human pathology and facilitates the efficient testing of novel immunotherapies, including personalized approaches.

Readouts: Live imaging, immunofluorescence, viability assessment, molecular analysis, cytokine release profiling, cell recovery and phenotype profiling

Krysko et al. Cells (2022)

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