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14th February 20243:00 PM – CET

Macrophage activation within Cervical Cancer microenvironment is associated with better prognosis

Head and neck cancer (HNC) therapies such as radiotherapy can greatly damage the salivary gland (SG) secretory epithelia and the oral mucosa (OM) epithelia leading to severe dry mouth and painful oral mucositis lesions, respectively. Conventional treatments are mainly palliative and largely ineffective; hence, these patients end up with a poor quality of life. Craniofacial organoid biofabrication in 3D cultures can facilitate the manufacture of microtissue constructs to mimic the native epithelial tissue (from SG, OM) at a cellular and functional levels and these can be applied in future regenerative applications or drug discovery. In the last 10 years, our research team generated reproducible 3D epithelial organoids via microtissue engineering involving magnetic 3D bioassembly and bioprinting (M3DB). MSC-like cells such as human dental pulp stem cells have been expanded and differentiated in M3DB platforms for form functional SG epithelial organoids. Both bioprinted organoids and their respective exosome cargo were found to increase epithelial regeneration via neuro-epithelial communications in ex vivo irradiated SG models. More recently, our team utilized dynamic milifluidic systems (MIVO) after M3DB to generate OM organoids, which exhibited greater cell viability, epithelial interactions and transepithelial resistance when compared to static 3D cultures.



About the speakers

Dr Laurent Gorvel is an immunologist specialized in human macrophages and dendritic cells (DCs) in health and diseases. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2013 from Aix-Marseille University, where he studied macrophages and DC response to intracellular bacteria infections during pregnancy, where they could demontrate a deficiency of resident myeloid cells to respond properly to these pathogens.

In 2014, he went on to do a post-doc at Washington University in St. Louis, school of medicine, in E. Klechevsky laboratory working on the biology of DCs and the mechanisms by which they regulate their environment.

In 2017, he joined D. Olives an J. Nunes Immunity and Cancer laboratory where he applies his knowledge on myeloid cells to understand their response on immune checkpoint blockade and identify knew targets.

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