The new era of organ on chip

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Give more reliability and predictivity to your research model.

MIVO® is the only organ on chip that can combine clinically relevant tissue size with independent millifluidic environments, where the fluid flow is controlled anytime.

MIVO® technology

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From basic biomedical research

15years of R&D to realize the most flexible microphysiological system. Scientists can now rely on a new enabling technology to recapitulate human biology in the lab.

To concrete benefits on society

It’s now possible to reach more predictive humanized models towards personalized therapies, immuno-oncology and quicker and more effective drug discovery processes.

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Our expert researchers, engineers and scientists are ready to work together with you, helping to design and develop the best assays based on your needs and feedbacks.

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The peculiarity of React4Life is the coexistence of strategic vision along with technical and scientific skills in the team that help to seize the needs of the life science world and provide them with effective technological solutions.

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Leverage your assay reading our scientists’ results in their publications. Get ready to reach the top of  research with MIVO technology.

Find out the benefits of a millifluidic device as well as the increase in reliability due to 3D tissue culture. Check all resources to get into the organ on chip world.