The Cells proliferation assay is used to measure cellular metabolic activity as an indicator of cell viability, proliferation
and cytotoxicity.

There are different reagents that can be used to measure cellular metabolic activity such as AlamarBlue, the MTT or Presto Blue
Cell Viability: all of them are compatible with the MIVO® device.
These colorimetric methods are based on the reduction carried out by the metabolically active cells of different kind of molecules contained into the reagents (i.e., resazurin or MTT), converting them into colored compounds: the darker the solution, the greater the number of viable, metabolically active cells.

The resulting-colored solution is quantified by measuring absorbance at a certain wavelength (as reported in the reagents’ data sheet).
These quantitative assays are based on ready-to-use reagents, providing a robust and reliable performance: the proliferation of many different cell types can be measured, including mammalian cells, bacteria, plant, and fungi.
The following protocol outlines the steps for a proliferation assay to be performed in MIVO® device.

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