She joined the finance team in November.

Two months are passed and we asked her some questions which she answered with a hint of shyness. We present Fabiana, our accountant.

1) Fabiana, first of all, welcome on board! Tell us about yourself.
Thanks! I am a quiet person, but at the same time pro-active. I have been doing this job for 15 years, but it never bored me, I always try to learn new and stimulating things. Also for this reason, I chose to start this new path together with React4life, whose first impression was that of an innovative and dynamic company.
I spend my free time with my son Samuele, my three-year-old child. I spend time with him outside. My passion is travel: at least twice a year I take a mega trip with my family. In my free time I enjoy reading, walking and yoga.

2) What did you do before React4life?
After high school I graduated in Economics & Commerce. At the end of my study I worked as accountantin a maritime brokerage company. After about a year, I was hired in another company, a Norwegian multinational ship supply and shipping agency. I worked in this company for almost 13 years as an accountant for a shipping agency in Italy and later as head of the shipping agency based in Malta.
In both cases, I dealt with all the service accounting, both active and passive cycle, management of receipts and payments, reporting with the headquarter.

3) What convinced you to join this company?
Innovation. Yes, because of React4life this feature attracted me above all.
I think I will have a lot to learn and not only from a professional, but also personal culture.
The life science has always attracted me and considered that, React4life can contribute to making the world of research better, I can only be very enthusiastic to be part of this group.Also, after many years in the same company, I wanted to change and get back into the game. I thank you to Silvia and Maurizio for giving me this opportunity.

4) What do you want from this new experience?
I expect to join an innovative team and a stimulating environment. I hope to contribute to the success that this company deserves: I really care about the project.