High Performance for Unprecedented Reliability and Throughput

The TOKYO platform, combined with MIVO®, allows for the most relevant and reliable exploratory and preclinical assays with an unprecedented level of throughput in a millifluidic system.

Overcoming the Limits of Existing Platforms

Current high-throughput platforms are static, limiting their use for complex disease models, cell therapy, and immunotherapy testing, where immune cells need to be cultured in a dynamic flow, as in vivo, to obtain reliable results. TOKYO is the only flow system that combines high experiment throughput with maximum result reliability.

MIVO technology inside tokyo millifludic device react for life

MIVO® technology, combined with the Tokyo platform, enables the study of human biology, both in physiological and pathological conditions, under controlled culture of cells and tissues, enhancing the predictivity and reliability of results.
With MIVO® platform, researchers can deeply understand human diseases mechanisms and progression and also test new compounds and personalized therapies.

Advanced Technical Features

  • Up to 24 experiment lines
  • Swift Tube Locking System
  • Compact design
  • Physiological flow velocities
  • Intuitive external control
  • Efficient tray
  • Universal incubator compatibility

Discover the Power of Millifluidics with the Tokyo Platform

The Tokyo platform recreates microenvironments that more accurately mimic human biological conditions, offering unparalleled precision and control over the fluid flows. Its innovative design enhances the accuracy of drug testing and cellular studies, paving the way for breakthroughs in personalized medicine.

Precision & Control

Extremely precise control of fluid flows, accurately recapitulating the physiological velocities of different organs.

Biological Relevance

Accurate simulation of physiological conditions, allowing 3D and ex vivo biopsy cultures to investigate complex biological processes.

Design & Integration

Compact design, enabling easy handling of up to 24 cell culture chambers at once inside the incubator.

Who's TOKYO for?

Researchers and Scientists

More complex and reliable experiments

R&D Laboratories

Clinically relevant and reproducible tests

Pharmaceutical Companies

Higher throughput and reliability

Advanced Benefits

  • Increased Mass Transport 
  • More Accurate Drug Diffusion 
  • Accelerated Cell Differentiation 
  • Support for Long-Term Culture
  • Less Frequent Medium Changes
  • Enables Ex Vivo Biopsies

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