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Q – What is included in the MIVO® Single Flow Box?
A – It contains 12 MIVO® chambers, 12 single flow lids

Q – What is included in the MIVO® Double Flow Box?
A – It contains 12 MIVO® chambers, 12 double flow lids

Q – How MIVO® works in detail?
A – Once you get your MIVO®, you will receive a video training and an Application book where you can see how to set the experiment, the loading of the culture media, the sampling, etc.

Q – How do I know which configuration I need?
A – You can always ask our scientists. Anyway, it depends on your needs, if you need a second circulation circuit you will go with the double flow lid.

Q – How is sterility maintained?
A – MIVO® is already sterile and individually blistered for quick and easy use.

Q – Do we need one channel for each MIVO chamber?
A – Each MIVO chamber requires one channel; channels can manage independent experiments.

Q – How do I calibrate the pump? Do you need any additional equipment or some flow rate sensors?
A – You don’t need to calibrate the pump as we have already done it for you. In the pump manual, you will also find the relation between rpm and velocities at different tube diameters. According to the inner diameter of the pump tube, the flow rate will change. We can support customers to set up the proper flow rate (setting the correct rpm in the pump) to get the required velocity in the chamber.

Q – What is the function of the roller and what does the number of rollers mean?
A – The rollers impact on smoothness of the flow: the higher the number of the rollers, the smoother is the flow and the lower is the max flow rate.

Q – Once I put the pump inside the incubator, how do I plug the cable in?
A – Run the pump cable through the incubator door, it should close smoothly. If your incubator does not allow this process, check the back wall of your incubator and you should find a hole through which you can pass the cable.

Q – Do we need a reservoir?
A – Users typically adopt MIVO in a close circuit with a continuous recirculation of the media (about 4ml) without using any reservoir. Nevertheless, if you prefer a fresh media circulation, you may use MIVO connected with fresh media reservoir (in input) and waste reservoir (in output).

Workshop fee includes the training cost, brochures, MIVO device and all reagents required for experiments.

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