Very kind, supportive and reliable…let’s meet Simone.


Simone, you joined our company to take care of our customers; tell us more about your role.

I am a Sales Specialist with a strong scientific background, and I love to help customers by providing technical and scientific assistance.
What I like the most about my job is meeting researchers or having video calls with potential clients. Once they understand the flexibility of MIVO organ-on-chip and how easily they can implement it in their lab, you can see faces turning into big smiles!
Usually, we quickly end up discussing their new experimental setup, and you can see their minds flying high and generating millions of new ideas!
When they come back to me with feedback and insights on their research progress, that’s very exciting and makes me proud of my job.

You are a scientist with PhD in Biochemistry; what brought you here, and what’s your professional background?

I have taken an unusual educational and professional route, so I have a dual soul split into a scientist and a salesman!
My scientific background with a sales approach makes me understand clients’ needs and find the right solution for each of them with a very open-minded attitude.

During the last few years, I had the opportunity to work in different fields: cell biology, molecular biology, and microbiology.
I graduated in biology studying in Italy and Germany, developing human-based 3D cell culture models and working with mouse models in the oncological field.
My PhD is in molecular biology, and during my doctoral research, I performed transfections, extraction, and in situ hybridization (also using zebrafish models).
More recently, I’ve worked as an analytical microbiologist. I performed Chemical, Microbiological and Biomolecular Analysis (and Quality Control) on water, food, cosmetics according to respective UNI EN ISO
Afterwards, I managed a client package and various logistical and administrative tasks in the laboratory, i.e. all the bureaucratic parts of the laboratory and the samples to be analyzed.

Simone Costa

What are the benefits of working with an organ-on-chip like MIVO?

Working with organ-on-chip technologies means leaving old-fashioned research approaches toward a new prolific, inspiring Research horizon.
The possibility to recapitulate and study in-vitro a model of something as complex as a human organ is the way of replacing animal tests, both in research and preclinical drug validation trials.

Animal models are still far from being completely replaced, anyway, microphysiological systems are not affected by the diversity and complexity of in-vivo models, so they guarantee more predictive and reliable results. Moreover, you don’t need to consider either animal maintenance costs or their physiological time of development. We must protect animals’ life and well-being, even if their contribution to science can help achieve important goals for future generations’ benefit.  So, I’m very proud of being part of this project.

What led you to join React4life, and what are your future expectations?
I have always been interested in science, and Biology is my passion!
I am lucky I can work in science side by side with laboratory and end users. Customers give us insights and feedback to improve and go the extra mile with our technological solutions.
In React4life, we are forerunners of the new approach to cell cultures, and we have the proper solution to obtain more and more in-vivo-like data, paving the way toward better and safer therapies.
We are building a new era of biomedical research, and I’m happy to help in this mission.