R100-1J The React4life Peristaltic Pump

The React4life peristaltic pump has been designed to be used with our MIVO® device.

The pump has a compact structure and small dimensions, suitable for limited installation spaces (such as a cell culture incubator).
It is an industrial pump with a high degree of IP protection (IP65), also suitable for working under high temperature and high humidity like the environment within the cell culture incubator.

It mounts different pump heads, having from 6 to 10 rollers, and from 1 to 8 lines for multiple experiments.

It is a low flow rate pump, for better resembling the physiological blood ranges.

Immediate MIVO® usage: no calibration is needed to set-up the flow rate.

Pump Head Options

R100 1J, React4life Peristaltic Pump is available with four, six or eight heads depending on the requirement of the experiment. All three head types are perfectly compatible with MIVO®.

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