Cosmetics and Dermatology

Cosmetic and medical device

Service activity in cosmetics was born from the need of some large testing companies to be supported by React4life in the launch of new and innovative claims. MIVO® device together with the expertise of R&D team are dedicated to implement biologically relevant, reproducible and predictive in vitro skin tissue models for cosmetic and dermatological applications.

In Europe, animal testing has been indefinitely banned for cosmetics testing. Alternative models are being developed to conduct cheaper, quicker and more effective cosmetics tests.

The MIVO device technology makes it is possible to conduct a series of tests on 3D human skin equivalents tissues under more physiological conditions.

Our unique technology allows growing 3D living models for skin on air-liquid interface within a fluiddynamic environment, thus achieving an unprecedented level of test reliability. The MIVO device has been successfully used to conduct tests like medical device permeation & transdermal diffusion, antipollution test, phototoxicity and UV protection and wound healing.

Skin Absorption Test

Urban dust pollution continues to grow, and comprises mainly of heavy metals, causing cardiovascular and lung disease, amongst others.

The React4life MIVO Device technology allows in vitro testing of the diffusion of nano/microparticles through customized membranes mimicking either the pulmonary barrier or the skin epidermis. Our technology is an easy to use, cheap and reliable solution for your needs in the field of air pollution testing.

Antipollution Test

Skin penetration studies provide information on the absorption of a bioactive formulation into and across the skin, to know the kinetics and the extent of absorption and generate risk assessments. In vitro skin penetration studies on test formulations can be carried out by using MIVO platform under sterile and fluido-dynamic conditions. Skin penetration studies are conducted to determine how much of a test formulation penetrates the skin, and thereby whether it has the potential to be absorbed into the systemic circulation.

Anti-cohesivity test

We will evaluate the cohesivity of novel formulations at different time points under fluid-dynamic conditions. A standard loading sequence will be used to ensure that all samples will subject to a controllable loading protocol.