Goodbye Flat biology
10-12 Oct 2023
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Goodbye Flat Biology: Next Generation Cancer Models

This meeting is organized by
The European Association for Cancer Research

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The processes of cancer initiation and progression are intricate, and cannot be defined through conventional 2D cultures of tumor cells. This conference will delve into the integrated, multidisciplinary efforts that have given rise to an array of innovative strategies. These strategies encompass 3D cultures, organoids, bioengineered systems, and in vivo models, which more accurately emulate the biochemical, spatial, and mechanical attributes of tumors within their native tissue environment.

In this conference edition, there will be a concerted effort to underscore complex 3D model systems that capture the dynamic interaction between cancer cells, the cellular stroma (such as fibroblasts and immune cells), and the extracellular matrix. A focal point will be the examination of how this intricate interplay influences cancer progression and responses to treatment.

The conference will delve into a variety of significant topics, including:

Molecular Regulation of Cancer Cell Behavior: Understanding the intricacies of cancer cell adhesion, invasion, migration, and survival.

Force Generation and Mechanotransduction in Tumors: Exploring the role of force generation and its impact on mechanotransduction within tumor environments.

Cancer Cell Interactions with Immune and Fibroblastic Microenvironment: Investigating the complex interactions between cancer cells and the microenvironment, particularly with immune and fibroblastic components.

3D In Vitro Systems for Target Identification and Compound Screening: Delving into the realm of three-dimensional in vitro systems as valuable tools for identifying targets and screening compounds.

These discussions will provide attendees with profound insights into the latest advancements and discoveries in the realm of cancer biology, engineering, and drug development.


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Tuesday 10 October, 16:30 CEST
Inspirational session
As part of the conference, there will be a Speed Networking Reception on the first evening, the aim of this informal session is to give conference participants an opportunity to make lots of new connections and networking opportunities

Wednesday 11 October, 11:15 CEST
An organ on chip-based approach for 3D cancer tissue culture towards a better understanding of human cancer progression and more predictive drug testing


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