Celebrating those who have turned the extraordinary into consolidated reality, the ninth edition of the Excellence Award “100 Italian Excellences” will pay tribute to one hundred high-profile personalities, significant institutions, and successful companies on November 30 in Rome. These entities have distinguished themselves not just for a singular meritorious action, but for their entire history as protagonists at the forefront of the country’s life.

In a prestigious ceremony held in the magnificent Sala della Regina at Palazzo Montecitorio, the distinguished venue of the Chamber of Deputies and the seat of the Italian Parliament, React4life proudly joined the ranks of distinguished winners at the ninth edition of the Excellence Award “100 Eccellenze Italiane.” The event, organized by the cultural association Liber in collaboration with the publishing house RDE, honors individuals, institutions, and companies that have achieved prestigious results in their respective fields.
The ceremony, presented by journalist and TV presenter Alda D’Eusanio, enjoyed the patronage of the Prime Minister’s Office, eleven Ministries, and three other institutional entities. Opening remarks were delivered by Vice President of the Chamber, Giorgio Mulè.

React4life, known for its groundbreaking contributions to scientific research and innovation, now shares the spotlight with personalities such as Margherita Cassano, appointed as the first female President of the Supreme Court of Cassation, and the Irccs Humanitas of Milan for their remarkable achievements in cancer research.
The ceremony highlighted stories of success across various sectors, including academia, scientific research, institutions, professions, applied sciences, sports, entertainment, information, and the Third Sector. Each honoree received the “Storie di Eccellenza” recognition.
The diverse stories showcased the excellence in fields such as pharmacology and health, environment, energy, culture, cultural heritage, and tourism.
The event, graced by distinguished guests and luminaries, was enhanced by the enchanting music of the “Banda dell’Aeronautica Militare”.

At React4life, we are all profoundly honored to receive this recognition from our Country, and remain steadfastly committed to advancing scientific knowledge and innovation.

100 eccellenze