The three days of the first workshop organized by React4life, in which three young scientists from two different Italian Universities took part, are ending today.

Through this workshop Giulia, Giorgio and Tiago had the opportunity to learn topics such as 3D culture and microfluidics; moreover,  they were able to learn how to use the MIVO platform during the session in the lab, both in the Single flow and Double Flow versions.

“The introduction of the workshops among the services of React4life was born to give the opportunity to PhD students and researchers interested in the Organ on Chip to take advantage from a theoretical and practical lesson about this new approach of in vitro testing”, says Silvia Scaglione. She adds “MIVO is an innovative tool for multiple applications. With this workshop, which joins teaching an practice, we wanted to give to young researchers the opportunity to learn the main concepts of lab on chip and 3D culture, providing  the practical tools to apply MIVO to their own research field, bringing innovation to their laboratories “.

During the three days of the workshop, participants learned how to use MIVO in different configurations, deepening methodologies such as  Skin absorption tests, the realization of polymeric matrixes gels for the generation of 3D cultures, the implementation of dynamic cell culture into MIVO®, based on peristaltic or syringe pumps. Furthermore, with this direct “MIVO experience”, they had the opportunity to study and design with the help of Monica the more suitable experimental plan according to their research needs.

We thank Giulia, Tiago and Giorgio, young passionate researchers: a  special collaboration was born and it will certainly continue after the workshop. In the meantime, we are preparing to host the next two workshop sessions scheduled for early June and late June.