The experience of the EU FET and MOOD projects, its expectations and goals, our CEO Maurizio Aiello tells himself at the European Commission in an interview

Our CEO, Maurizio Aiello, was recently protagonist of an interview organized by the team of Teresa De Martino, Scientific Officer of the European Commission, whom we kindly thanks. From the educational to the professional path, Maurizio with sincerity tells himself in the “Interview with a FET Innovator in the service of oncology patient” , focusing on the experience of the European FET and MOOD projects, of his role as CEO for the our innovative Startup React4Life.

Interview with a FET Innovator in the service of oncology patient

Maurizio Aiello is an innovator, the CEO of the biotechnology company, React4life that helps scientists in the field of cancer research. He has been involved in several EU-funded projects: B2B, a Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) project and MOOD, which benefitedfrom the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator.

In this interview, we asked Maurizio about his career path, the challenges that start-up companies are facing with and his personal experience about how bold ideas can be turn into reality by the help of the European Commission in order to improve therapeutic methods and the life expectancy of oncologic patients.


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