24 October 2022
In person event

Italian Organ-on-Chip Industry Workshop

We are ready for the first Italian Industry Workshop

Join us in Genoa on October 24
An international overview from the keynote speakers Prof. Ivan Martin and Dr. Lena Smirnova, together with scientists at the forefront in this field, will talk about how organ-on-chip applications are already boosting biomedical research.
A hands-on demo of commercially available organ-on-chip technology will follow.

You will get an overview of leading commercially available devices in Italy and their scientific applications by listening the Scientific talks:

Pre-clinical studies in chip: going bold
Dr. Luigi Nezi, IEO
Group Leader – Microbiota and Antitumor Immunity

Establishment of a 3D multi-organ model in a milli-fluidic system to study leukemia cells dissemination in-vitro
Dr. Cristina Scielzo, IRCSS San Raffaele
Group Leader – Malignant B cells biology and 3D modelling Unit

A multi-organ-on-chip platform to recapitulate the immune cells’ circulation, infiltration and cytotoxic activity against cancer cells.
Dr. Roberta Castriconi, Università degli Studi di Genova
Associate Professor – Dept. Experimental Medicine

Let’s build more accurate and humanized models with these forefronts in vitro alternative technologies, and you will be part of the new era of biomedical research!

Industry Overview

Keynote Speakers


Ivan Martin

Head of Department of Biomedicine University Hospital of Basel


Lena Smirnova

Research Associate, Johns Hopkins University


Organ-on-chip Full immersion

One-Day Agenda

9.30 – 12.30
Keynote Speakers Lectures
Scientific talks on Organ-on-chip applications
14.00 – 17.00
Hands-on DEMO of commercially available Organ-on-chip from leading Italian companies: BiomimX, IVTech, and React4life


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