28-29 Nov 2022
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Bridging immunity to cancerModels of Study and New Research Outcomes

This meeting is organized by
ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI SANITÀ – Department of Oncology and Molecular Medicine

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Cancer disease is a leading cause of mortality worldwide with approximately 8 million deaths annually all around the globe. Despite the clinical success of immunotherapy, numerous cancer patients do not respond to treatment or develop severe toxicities that lead to treatment discontinuation. Advancements in oncology rely on multidisciplinary basic and preclinical research and on advanced disease models and systems investigating the complexity of tumor-immune cell interactions.

This Workshop will provide an update on the most recent research outcomes bridging host immunity to cancer disease. In particular, it will provide an overview of key findings concerning tumor heterogeneity and tumor microenvironment, of the new advances in anticancer therapy and of innovative in vitro and in silico ad hoc models for immuno-oncology basic and preclinical research.

Aims and objectives
Tumor immunology is a relevant area of study for all the scientists and physicians working in the oncology field. The main scope of this Workshop is to provide and update on the most recent findings regarding tumor-immune cell interactions, innovative therapeutic approaches and advanced models employed to investigate the complex interactions between cancer cells and immune system.

Training method
Online presentations with scientific session discussions.

Online - Speakers

Key People


Fabrizio Mattei, Laura Bracci, Giovanna Schiavoni

React4Life Silvia


Chief Scientist


General Information

Official language
The official language of the Meeting is English

Participation is free of charge. Registration deadline is November 22 2022

Certificate of attendance
Upon request, participants that attend at least 75 of the workshop will be provided with a certificate of attendance
Speakers and attendants are recommended to clearly identify their contacts by entering the extended forms of surname and name in the proper box that will open when connecting to the videoconference Omission of this information will not allow to prove the attendance to the Workshop and the attendance certificate will not be released


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