26-30 Jun 2023
Hotel Berlin Central District, Berlin, Germany
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2nd MPS World Summit

The Microphysiological Systems World Summit is organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT) and EUROoCS, with the assistance of more than forty organizations all around the World.

Global attendees were attracted to the New Orleans inaugural conference in 2022, which also laid the groundwork for an MPS technology roadmap.

Also, the International MPS Society was formally established at the New Orleans summit (IMPSS).

The academic research community, medical facilities, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, and food companies, regulatory organizations, health foundations, charities, patient associations, and decision-makers will all be represented at the summit. We warmly encourage everyone interested in interacting, exchanging, and learning more about MPS to join us in Berlin!

The 2022 conference was a success in improving stakeholder dialogue, and offering networking opportunities for young scientists, researchers, and industry leaders in the MPS sector.

On June 26, 2023, a week of scientific sessions, networking opportunities, and satellite events will kick off the 2nd MPS Worlds Summit.
We will be actively attending the training workshop for people who want to get hands-on experience with the most recent MPS technologies. Workshops, roundtables, and scientific symposia are some of the different formats for scientific sessions.

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Maurizio Aiello


React4Life Silvia

Silvia Scaglione

Chief Scientist


Microphysiological Systems

Over the past ten years, MPS have developed rapidly beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.

Within a short time, the new technology’s range of applications expanded from basic research to commercial drug development and even the generation of data crucial to regulatory decisions. Numerous animal experiments may become unnecessary thanks to MPS technology’s ability to accurately recapitulate real human biology in the lab.
The MPS World Summit series will visit Europe in 2023 thanks to the collaboration of the European Organ-on-Chip Society (EUROoCS) and the International MPS Society (iMPSS).


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