Together with her, five other finalists to compete for the title of innovative Italian entrepreneur of the year.

From the oldest “pasta” factory in the world to the leading company in the particle decontamination sector, from advanced solutions for precision irrigation to the biotech startup that has patented the technology to recreate “a living organ in the laboratory”, passing through the first socially responsible company from fruit and vegetables to metal-free and biodegradable tannery: all this is done by the 6 finalists of the 13th edition of the GammaDonna Award, which since 2004 has been promoting women’s entrepreneurial initiatives. Different sectors, with a single common denominator: innovation, in business and in business management.

GammaDonna Award

They will be Milena Baroni – Mycroclean Italy [Gorgonzola-MI], Amelia Cuomo – Pasta Cuomo [Gragnano-NA], Giulia Giuffrè – Irritec [Capo d’Orlando-ME], Marianna Palella – Citrus [Cesena], Sara Santori – Conceria Nuvolari [ Monte Urano-FM] and Silvia Scaglione – React4life [Genoa] to compete for the GammaDonna Award from the TV studios of QVC Italia on Sunday 21 November, at 21.00.
This is the first Italian TV format that highlights and rewards innovative female entrepreneurship, with the aim of helping to reduce the gender gap in the socio-economic field through virtuous business examples. The Première will be broadcast on the social channels QVC and GammaDonna, and on a deferred basis on the TV channels QVC 32 of the DT and 475 of SKY.

To enrich the 2021 edition, the announcement of the winners of the Giuliana Bertin Communication Award, recognition by Valentina Communication for the entrepreneur who distinguished herself in the field of on and offline communication, and the Women Startup Award powered by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center for the most innovative startupper in the Smart city, Smart mobility, Life Science, Healthcare & Medical Devices, Bioeconomy, Media, Entertainment & Gamification, Fashion, Agri-food tech, Cleantech, Energy sectors.

And the Special Mention for Sustainable Development that the European Commission, GammaDonna’s institutional partner, will confer on marine biologist Mariasole Bianco, founder and President of Worldrise, a non-profit organization that has been active since 2013 to protect the marine environment through creative awareness and conservation projects. “With this recognition, assigned as part of the GammaDonna Award, we intended to reward the great commitment of Mariasole Bianco, as an entrepreneur and science popularizer at the forefront of sustainability and its economic and social impact linked to marine ecosystems – commented Massimo Gaudina, Head of the European Commission Representation in Milan – Her work fits perfectly into the framework of the environmental sustainability and development actions that the European Commission is carrying out thanks to the European Green Deal and the Next Generation EU extraordinary plan ”. Mariasole Bianco is in fact now a point of reference on a national and international scale for policies related to the protection of the oceans and sustainable development.