After an important experience in the tea industry, two months ago she joined React4life because, as she said, “You feel part of something that matters!”. We present the new react4lifer, Natalia: you will often hear about her.

Natalia, you just joined the team; tell us something about you. What’s your experience, and why did you choose to become a React4lifer?

After my graduation in Economics, I had the opportunity to specialize in Marketing while working for an American cruise company, a leader in the travel industry. I had the chance to get on board the biggest and the most amazing cruise ship in the world!

Then, after nine years, I moved to an Italian SME operating in a completely different business made of teas, herbs and flowers. I learnt about fascinating rituals and traditions behind every single infusion of leaves belonging to disparate cultures.

But when it comes to React4life, that’s all a different story.

In an interview, Simon Sinek said: “Passion is an output of vision. When we feel that our efforts are contributing to a greater purpose, we feel passionate. So when we find a vision that resonates with us, our responsibility is to contribute our gifts to help bring that vision to life.”

When I met Silvia Scaglione for the first time, that’s what happened to me. She has such a clear idea of how React4Life can help the research going a step ahead towards the future that I got immediately engaged with her project.

I decided to join React4Life because, here, you feel you can make a difference. You can help scientists going a step ahead in their researches and save time, money and lives.

You feel you’re part of something that matters!

Biotechnology is a big market where the Lab-on-chip niche is relatively new; are you ready to dive into it?

As a Marketing Manager, my role is to study the market and help React4Life being an active part of its growth.

Both scientific successes and clients’ feedbacks tell us there’s space for our Company to become one of the main characters in the future market scenario.

What’s your expectation from this new experience?

Microphisiological systems and even 3D cell culture were topics very distant to me since few months ago. Anyway, I got into them, and I’m ready to give all my support to the React4life team!