About three months after the start of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), over 170.000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported with over 6.600 deaths. The world of research is deeply involved to find therapies for all those who have contracted the coronavirus, and a vaccine that guarantees immunity to it. In response, the startup React4life launches a call for supporting all research teams actively involved in the therapies and vaccines technologies for the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19All teams that access to the program will benefit from receiving:
– free of charge MIVO® -Multi In Vitro Organ – devices for the culture of epithelial tissues in fluid-dynamic conditions
– technical and scientific support from the R&D team
MIVO® will ultimately allow to better resemble COVID-19-based pulmonary pathology in the laboratory and to test drugs and therapies.

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React4life was founded in Italy in 2016. React4life’s patented technology MIVO® -Multi In Vitro Organ- maintains human tissues alive and functional in vitro over months, providing the proper physiological fluids (air/liquid) reaching and interconnecting the tissues.
MIVO® provides researchers the ability to resemble human fluid-dynamic tissue environments and the systemic/inhalational drug routes enabling a standardized and earlier indication of efficacy.
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