Established in Italy the first non-profit scientific-cultural association in the field of organ-on-chip. Maurizio Aiello, Co-founder & CEO at React4life, is one of the founding members with other outstanding researchers in the Country.

Rome, July 2022. Researchers and professionals from the Academic and industrial world have created the first Italian Association in the field of organ-on-chips.

React4Life is one of the founding members of the Italian Society of Organ-on-Chip.

Founded with scientific, cultural, informative and social purposes, the SIOoC (Società Italiana Organ-on-Chip) is aimed at promoting and coordinating studies and research on organ-on-chip.
It meets the need of a single national reference to foster contact between the world of scientific and industrial research, expanding the knowledge of organ-on-chips and their applications in civil society.

We are thrilled to announce the foundation of the Italian Organ-on-Chip Society (SIOoC). Alternative methods represent an emerging field which is already impacting fundamental biology as well as drug development. With this initiative, we aim to establish a multidisciplinary, open container with the final goal of advancing knowledge and promoting awareness, scientific discussion and collaboration on organ-on-chip technology both in academia and society.”
Declared Luca Businaro, Scientist, Italian National Research Council, Institute of Nanotechnology, and President of the new Association.

“SIOoC brings together scientists from 11 different top Italian institutions and SMEs with expertise encompassing biology, engineering, physics, mathematics, technology transfer and regulatory aspects.
SIOoC is actively recruiting prospective new members as a fundamental step to develop a strategic vision on organs-on-chip at the national level while establishing liaisons with similar initiatives at the European level.”

Italian Society Organ-on-chip


The MIVO® technology, patented by React4life, and winner of Innovation Radar Prize 2021 from the European Commission in the Health Tech category, is an organ-on-chip able to replicate the processes and connections of the human body, hosting different organs connected, replicating their interactions. Many researchers from leading research centres, as well as major pharmaceutical companies use MIVOː in the fields of: pediatric oncology (neuroblastoma), breast and ovarian cancer, immunotherapies, as well as cardiac, where cardiotoxicity induced by COVID-19 was investigated.

“I am convinced that the establishment of this association represents an essential step to align Italy with other Countries. Organ-on-chip is a theme of great international interest both in the academic and industrial field, especially for its impact on patients’s health: thanks to these innovative technologies, personalized therapies can be tested, and better and safer drugs will be available.” Says Maurizio Aiello, CEO and Co-founder at React4life.

SIOoC can rely on the International relevance of its scientists, and within the activities that the association will implement, there will be the coordination with similar Institutions abroad to organize meetings, congresses and training courses, as well as the periodic publication of articles and books that help the understanding and dissemination of these technologies.

To learn more about MIVO® Platform click here.