On June 13th, 2022, at the Museo Nazionale Della Scienza e Della Tecnologia in Milan, React4life will be attending the Awarding Ceremony of the 20th Italian edition of the L’Oréal – UNESCO Prize: For Women in Science, the first international prize dedicated to women active in science.

Silvia Scaglione (Co-founder and Chief Scientist at React4life) to take the stage and tell her experience as a scientist and entrepreneur.
She will provide a concrete example to the new generations who can take inspiration from its extraordinary ability to bring the results of scientific research to the market.

After graduation in Bioengineering and Bioelectronics, she obtained a PhD in Bioengineering and Bioelectronics in 2005. Since 2010 Silvia has been a Senior Researcher at the National Research Council (CNR), and in 2016, she founded, together with Maurizio Aiello, React4life, a company that develops organ-on-chips for biomedical research. She won a European FET-OPEN project in 2018 to create an in vitro metastatic model.
In 2021, she collected some prestigious appointments such as that of Ambassador of the European Innovation Council of the European Commission for its extraordinary ability to bring the results of scientific research to the market, the Innovation Award from ANGI (National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) and the Gammadonna Woman Startup Award.

Her academic experience, together with the multidisciplinary team built with Maurizio Aiello (CEO and Co-founder at React4life), has led to the development of MIVO, innovative technology for biomedical research.
Already used by large international groups such as Roche and Merck, the patented MIVO- multi-in-Vitro-Organ is an organ-on-chip that allows the growth of biological cells or tissues in the laboratory recapitulating human biology, reducing the time and cost of preclinical research.

Premio l'Oreal Silvia Scaglione

The MIVO® technology, winner in the Health Tech category of the Innovation Radar Prize 2021 by the European Commission, has the advantages of efficiency and reduction of animal testing.
Thanks to its design, this cutting-edge technology can replicate the processes and connections of the human body, hosing different organs connected, and replicating their interactions. Many researchers from leading research centers, and major pharmaceutical companies, use MIVO for many applications.
Some examples are pediatric oncology (neuroblastoma), breast and ovarian cancer, immunotherapies, and cardiac diseases related to the cardiotoxicity induced by COVID-19.

React4Life equity crowdfunding campaign on CrowdFundME will end by the end of July and has exceeded the first target of 250.000 euros in just two days from the launch. This campaign aims to boost research and development, increase marketing and sales activities, and create a new specific product for pharmaceutical companies.

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