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Give more reliability and predictivity to your research model. Get started now and make a step forward in your scientific efforts since tomorrow.

You have now a new and more reliable tool to rely on when studying the complexity of human biology, both in physiological and pathological conditions.

Every static tissue model can go to dynamic with MIVO® organ-on-a-chip. Create your fully controlled millifluidic environment working on relevant tissue size to deepen your knowledge and get more predictive insights.

MIVO® Single-Organ Platform

Products Mivo Platform

Single-organ models allow controlled culture of cells and tissues under physiological conditions for a deep understanding of human diseases behaviour and single organ function modelling.

MIVO® single-organ platform allows to handle separate environments (both apical and basal chambers), and different culture media and flow conditions can be fully set in terms of flow rate, ph, metabolic concentrations, and others; finally mimicking the complexity of the human tissue.

MIVO® Multi-Organ Platform


Multi-organ models are extremely challenging for studying organ-organ crosstalk (e.g. immune-oncology) and metastatis modelling. MIVO® is the unique organ on chip platform that can connect more than 3 independent chambers into realistic controlled millifluidic physiological conditions.

A model including the connection of organs is more predictive of in vivo conditions. It allows accurate and reproducible pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics assays by testing drug bio-availability and toxo-efficacy on the targeted organ and other organs.

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MIVO®Platform Components

Disposables, Instruments & Accessories, Biological Kits


Products Mivo Platform
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MIVO® Chambers

Get ready to start your experiment with MIVO® disposable chambers. You will find individually blistered boxes already sterilized, and you don’t need any special tools to get started.

Inert material (No PDMS)

3D tissues/biopsies (>5mm size)

Organ-Organ connections (more than 3 MIVO® connected)

Real controlled milli-fluidific flow

Commercial inserts compliant

Easy sampling from apical and basal chambers

100% Optically transparent

Instruments & Accessories

Take the power on your experiment. You can now control every moment and monitor the outcome anytime.

Products Mivo Platform
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Pumping System

The pump has a compact structure and small dimensions, suitable for limited installation spaces (such as a cell culture incubator). Our peristaltic pump has been designed to be used with our MIVO® device.

Tray with Locking System

Multiple chambers on the same tray. Connect them together or run your experiment independently. Easy handling from in and outside incubators.


All accessories needed for your specific application will be included in your platform based on our scientists’ advice.

Biological Kit

Products Mivo Platform
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Tissues of any shape and size can be hosted in MIVO®

We fulfil your experimental setting with cells, membranes, matrices and tissues, just let us know which one you need.

  • Intestine membranes
  • Skin membranes
  • Skin biopsies
  • Various cells
  • 3D gel
  • Reconstituted tissues