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Laboratory workshop for researchers, scientists and innovators

In this workshop, you will learn about 3D cell models and fluid-dynamic tissue culture and how to use the MIVO® platform.
The workshop involves both theory and practice, including lab sessions leaded by our scientists. The workshop sessions are spread over 2 days and cover interactive lectures and sessions in our lab, where our scientist guides you on how to use MIVO®.
By joining the workshop, you will learn how to design and carry out MIVO® based fluid-dynamic experiments, and introduce this breakthrough technology in your lab.
During the workshop you will use MIVO® Single Flow, MIVO® Double Flow and reagents to manipulate the device and play with it during the lab sessions.
At the end of the Workshop, you will receive a Participation Certificate which certifies your knowledge of MIVO® based 3D cell models and fluid-dynamic tissue culture.

Registration information

Workshop dates

February 2 – 4, 2021
March 2 – 4, 2021
April 13 – 15, 2021
May 11 – 13, 2021
June 8 – 10, 2021
June 29 – July 1 2021
July 13 – 14 2021

September 21 – 22, 2021

October 19 – 20, 2021

November 16 – 17, 2021

December 14 – 15, 2021

Price per participant: €950
Registration fee includes training cost, booklet, brochures, MIVO® and all reagents required

Maximum attendance is 3 participants to make it an extensive learning experience. We will send you a definitive confirmation along with a payment within 48 hours after the deadline for registration (i.e. one week before the workshop). After the registration deadline no refunds are possible, but the registration can be transferred to a colleague.


In-depth lectures on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Organ-on-a-Chip and MIVO® technology
  • Key features of fluid-dynamic cell culture models
  • The role of fluid flow for in vitro reliable assays

Hands-on laboratory training in:

  • Handling of cells and extracellular matrix gels for 3D cultures
  • Implementation of 2D-3D cell cultures (using transwell, 3D polymer gels, and biopsies) into MIVO®
  • Design of fluidic cells culture
  • Handling of pumps (peristaltic and syringe pumps) and online monitoring and sampling
  • Harvesting cells & organ models out of MIVO®
  • Assays and data analysis

Materials included in the workshop

  • Two MIVO® Single Flow and two MIVO® Double Flow
  • Seminar materials
  • Reagents for MIVO® use during the workshop.


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