She has been with us for just over a year. She is head of internal and external communication of the company and the marketing activities. Today we present Giulia, our brand manager.

Giulia, it seems like yesterday that we started working together but a year has already passed. We speak your language: can you tell us the “strengths and weaknesses” of your experience in React4life?

Let’s start with the weaknesses: joining a biotechnology company was not easy at the beginning, as it required a great cultural effort. Organ-on-chip, organoids, cell culture, In-vitro test, principle 3R were concepts almost unknown to me. Today they are my daily bread. I have to thank Silvia Scaglione who invested a lot of her time to introduce me to the world of scientific biomedical research and tissue engineering. Obviously for me, there is still a world to be explored with a communicative and non-technical approach, but I feel that it enriches me every day together with the desire to deepen these current contents.

The strengths are many: being part of a dynamic team is very stimulating. Since the beginning I felt as an integral part of the construction of this company because every personal intervention contributes to the growth and development of React4life. Also, I share the mission in a way that has never happened to me before. I truly believe that this company can deeply contribute to the development of scientific research, in the search for new cancer therapies, such as immunotherapies and accelerate the development of new drugs in various medical applications. Furthermore, the theme of animal testing has always been close to my heart: being able to contribute at the forefront of the reduction of animals in scientific research makes me very proud. Contributing to the knowledge of MIVO in this sector and experiencing first-hand the successes it is experiencing is a reason for personal and professional pride that drives me to do better and better.

Brand Manager
As a brand manager you take care of various activities ranging from product marketing to corporate communication. Which of these activities carried out during the year involved you most?

The MIVO brand awareness phase that was launched on the international market last year was certainly very exciting and continues to be so. Letting the world of scientific research know that this new highly innovative tool exists, transmitting its values ​​and potential was an activity that involved me in various areas of my work, ranging from the personalization of brand packaging, information material (brochures, leaflets, website) and digital strategies. We are starting to pick up the benefits of this great work as well high interest from researchers, directors, business developer of important companies ranging from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry, to university research interested in MIVO.

How do you imagine React4life in ten years?

Good question! I expect a couple of new offices located between the United States and Europe within next years. Different research laboratories with inter-disciplinaries scientists active in designing innovative technologies for supporting the development of new drugs. A marketing department committed to disseminating new discoveries and company developments worldwide.

We will meet in a couple of years to see what has happened and if our efforts will give the desired results, in the meantime I foresee a 2021 full of exciting marketing activities to be implemented such as the development of corporate videos and their dissemination, articles, posts, the organization of conferences, participation in trade fairs and if the covid still does not allow us to do it in person, we will not be unprepared!