In the marvelous city of Naples, Italy, sponsored by Confindustria and with participation of political authorities, 4th and 5th November, it took place the ITWIIN, an initiative of the association of inventive and innovative women that promotes and assists innovative female projects.

A great success for Silvia, and for React4life, with the first award “2019 best inventor”. Silvia presented MIVO, our worldwide patented technology applied in various sectors, through which it is possible to reproduce in the laboratory living organs for testing purposes (oncology, pharmacology, nutraceutical, dermocosmetic).

What is ITWIIN?

ITWIIN is an association of inventive and innovative women who aims to help other women with ideas and innovations to achieve their aspirations, improve self-esteem and motivation and broaden horizons and experiences. The Association aims to bring together different professionals and experiences of women in Italy and in Europe in different sectors: from intellectual property rights, trademarks and patents, to industrial and academic research, to technology transfer.

ITWIIN operates in contact with other associations active in the same fields and acts as a link to facilitate and promote dialogue with Italian and European institutions. In this sense it is included in the European network of inventive and innovative women, EUWIIN.