Drug efficacy

We optimized fluid dynamic conditions to assess drug efficacy recapitulating the systemic drug transport mechanism. MIVO®-device is able to mimic the capillary flow dynamic stimuli feeding the 3D tumor tissue, offering a cruelty-free platform for preclinical drug efficacy tests.

This assay can be realized with tumor cell lines you will select, both cultured in monolayer and within 3D matrix-based models, under fluid-dynamic conditions.
In our advanced fluid-dynamic tumor models, you can assess the effect of single agents or combinations of drug compounds and alternative therapies (e.g. immunotherapies) through phenotypic and biochemical (cell viability) analysis at different end points.
Some example data are:

In this recent paper, we showed that exceptionally the outcome of the drug efficacy test carried out in xenograft model was predicted in shorter time by fluid-dynamic in vitro tests carried out with MIVO®. Discover more here (https://www.react4life.com/3d-fluid-dynamic-ovarian-cancer-model-resembling-systemic-drug-administration-for-efficacy-assay/)

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