Oncology and pharmaceutical

Cosmetic and medical device

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally. This is being combated rapidly by continuous improvements and innovation in the oncology sector. These developments require high quality, efficient tests to be performed.
2D and animal models have proven to be unrealistic, highlighting the unmet need for a clinically relevant technology that allows high-throughput drug screening.

The discovery of new drugs and the prediction of their in vivo efficacy is one of the main objectives in many different oncologic research areas.

MIVO device allows to host and cultivate epithelial tissues with the function of vascular wall to artificially recreate cell migration phenomena for the study of tumor metastasis onset and new anticancer therapies validation. This innovative platform allows growing 3D cancer models for immediate, easy to perform and affordable in vitro drug testing.

Drug efficacy

We optimized fluid dynamic conditions to assess drug efficacy recapitulating the systemic drug transport mechanism. MIVO®-device is able to mimic the capillary flow dynamic stimuli feeding the 3D tumor tissue, offering a cruelty-free platform for preclinical drug efficacy test

3D custom tumour models

React4Life cancer experts develop novel 3D cell laden tumor models customized to various projects and requirements, by adopting a biology-driven patented technological solution.

Metastasis tumour models

React4Life cancer experts developed a breakthrough fluidic platform for culturing tumor models and testing the migration and intravasation capacity of tumor cells in vitro.