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In vitro digestion models are essential to study the structural changes, digestibility, and release of food components under simulated gastrointestinal conditions.

React4life R&D team has developed a novel intestinal absorption assay based on the patented fluidic platform MIVO.

MIVO technology allows the hosting and culture of 2D-3D cellularized intestinal models (e.g. CaCo2 cells monolayer, EpiIntestinal tissues) under fluid-dynamic conditions.

This assay allows to analyse the absorption of compounds at intestinal levels and measure over time the percentage of an intestine permeation. It is easy to create new opportunities for yourself in the agri-food sector with our bioreactor offerings.

In this recent paper (Marrella et al. 2020 ALtex) the team of React4life showed that intestinal permeation results observed in vitro within MIVO device were in line with those obtained in vivo, validating this approach as a reliable platform for mimicking the intestinal epithelium for in vitro nutraceuticals permeation tests.

Absorption assay

React4life has implemented a protocol to carry out absorption tests on test molecules by recreating the physiological environment in vitro.