Antipollution test

Antipollution test

Urban dust pollution continues to grow, and comprises mainly of heavy metals, causing cardiovascular and lung disease, amongst others. The market of anti-pollution skin care and cosmetic products is significantly growing in the last couple of years due to worsening air quality across the world, and increasing awareness and concern regarding the adverse impact of various environmental pollutants on skin.

React4life has developed an in vitro testing to assay the diffusion of nano/microparticles through customized membranes mimicking the skin epidermis.

Why our Antipollution test?

Skin tissue is the first barrier against external aggressions and the first target of many environmental stressors, including air pollution. Air pollution is considered as the second most important cause of extrinsic cutaneous ageing and chronic allergy. Urban dust is a complex and heterogeneous mixture of pollutants including particulate matter and volatile organic compounds emitted by automobile and industrial exhaust, heavy metals and cigarette smoke.
However, there is a lack of standard models aimed to identify and measure the preventive benefits of compounds against air pollutants aggression.

Scheme of the experimental procedure

Images of pollutant passed below the skin, with and without the cosmetic compound protection

Cytotoxicity assay to detect the protection effect of the anti-polution formulation against the effect of the pollution. Green spots are alive cells


Our innovative patented method that allows the in vitro quantification of the percentage of particulate penetrating the skin and the protection offered by cosmetic compound.

The fluidic device MIVO® (Multi In Vitro Organ) is able to host several human  skin tissues (cellular monolayers,reconstituted 3D tissues) and to mimic the living environment of epithelial tissues. The percentage of the pollutant detected on the skin’s surface, in the donor and the receiver chamber is calculated for the treated and control samples.

The protection pollutant factor of cosmetic ingredient is then derived.

The patented method provides to detect and measure the percentage of urban particulate passed through the tissue layer, compared to the control of untreated skin with the anti-pollution lotion to be tested.

The MIVO® device has been successfully used to conduct antipollution tests; MIVO chamber is loaded with pollution solution, properly chosen to recapitulate the urban dust and both chemical and biological outcomes are measured within the same test.

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