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Our scientific support is part of your projects.

Our expert researchers, engineers and scientists are ready to work together with you, helping to design and develop the best assays based on your needs and feedbacks.

Rely on MIVO® technology and take advantage of the immediate results of our millifluidic system.

Custom 3D Tissue Models & Screening Services

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Tailor-made Partnerships, cooperation is in our DNA

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15 years of R&D

Tailor-made technological solutions

The sound scientific background is our streght. We listen to you, understand your needs and identify the best technological solution that better suits you.


Computational Fluid Dynamics to predict in advance the optimal flow for your assays.

CFD is a combination of fluid mechanics, computer science, and mathematics that allows us to simulate effectively inside the device the compound diffusion, the fluid motion around the tissues, the cells migration or other parameters you need to predict in advance.

Chemical & Biological Labs

Expert researchers in our lab can give you all support needed.

Our laboratory in Italy is equipped with the most innovative instruments to offer you a range of validated assays using both 2D and 3D cellular models, cultured inside the MIVO® platform, better resembling the human in vivo conditions.

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Custom 3D Tissue Models & Screening Services

Ask our expert R&D team; our technology and your knowledge can give answers to your questions by custom-made in vitro models and innovative protocols to support your claims and fit your needs.

We know Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) assays are essential components of the drug development process, and outcome data is used to optimize the drug dose, maximizing effectiveness while reducing adverse effects.
Let’s work together, investigating the interaction of the drug with the body from administration to its absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME assays), and also studying the effects of drugs on the body.

We can carry out screening services, develop new 3D tissue models or walk side to side into exploratory testing.


Absorption critically determines the bioavailability of the compound, which usually needs to be included in the bloodstream to reach the target tissue. It often happens through mucous surfaces such as the digestive tract (intestinal absorption) or interfacing tissues such as skin, oral tissue, cornea, etc..

The fluidic device MIVO® is compatible with most commercially available biomimetic membranes and epithelial tissues, as well as cell cultures recreated in the laboratory. The fluid-dynamic environment is compliant with the OECD guidelines and leads to higher reliability of the assays, mimicking physiological molecules diffusion.


The 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine) approach highly recommend replacing animal experiments whenever possible. Costs, time, and ethical points, besides their poor translability to humans, are drivers pushing towards non-animal alternatives.

3D dynamic human-based in vitro models are challenging alternatives to animal tests, for both establishing the efficacy and safety of novel drugs and therapies. We optimize fluid flow conditions to assess drug dose-response recapitulating the systemic, the oral or the topic drug transport mechanism. MIVO® device can mimic the capillary flow-dynamic stimuli, offering a cruelty-free platform for preclinical drug efficacy tests.

Exploratory assays & Customized tests

The discovery of new drugs and the prediction of their in vivo efficacy is one of the main objectives in many different oncological research areas. 2D and animal models have proven to be unrealistic, highlighting the unmet need for a clinically relevant technology for drug screening.
Our cancer experts develop 3D customized cell-laden tumour models to fit various projects needs and requirements, by adopting our biology-driven microphysiological system. Into our breakthrough MIVO® platform, it is also possible to co-culture different cells and tissues for recapitulating the metastatic paradigm, the immuno-cancer cells cross-talk, the circulating tumour cells infiltration.

Tailor-made Partnerships

Working side-by-side, you can easily access our technology and scientific support.

We can co-develop human disease models in our organ-on-chip to characterize novel compounds, unlock new therapy approaches (i.e. immuno-therapies) or deepen the understanding of human biology, increasing the predictability and reducing animal use in scientific testing.

As researchers, cooperation is in our DNA

The fluidic device MIVO® (Multi In Vitro Organ) can host different types of tissues such as cellular monolayers, reconstituted 3D skin models or living 3D biopsies; and mimic their living environment.

This approach, along with the scientific expertise of our team, will lead to a wide range of experimental designs for evaluating drug candidates or run any kind of assays.