In vitro R&D and drug discovery services through the innovative MIVO® device

The React4Life R&D team supports researches in the design and development of their assays. Through the MIVO® technology, we easily turn your tests in more reliable fluid-dynamic assays, bringing your research from experimental design to scientific papers.

We enable the researchers to transform their testing concept in concrete programs, providing an in vitro human systemic platform that allows the use of clinically-relevant size tissue models and physiological fluidic environments.

All our services are carried out by a multidisciplinary team of scientists (e.g. biologists, bioengineers).
Our laboratory is located in Vimodrone (MI), Italy and it is equipped with new and highly innovative instruments.
React offers a suite of validated assays utilizing both 2D and 3D cellular models, cultured within the innovative MIVO® platform, better resembling the human in vivo condition.

The React4life difference

Through the use of the MIVO® technology, React4life offers the unique value proposition of a fluid-dynamic 3D culture based service highly flexible and customizable. Biopsies, 3D reconstructed tissues, bioprinted membranes or cellular monolayers are all compatible with the MIVO® platform, finally guaranteeing high reliability of the assay outcome.
Moreover, all our tests garantee:

3R Approach

Custom Tissues



Time Saving



Oncology Research

Thanks to our innovative technology, the R&D team of React4life can testing of in vitro new drug formulations on 2D and 3D engineered disease models, through an innovative, reproducible and cruelty-free approach.

Our system, combined with the hosting of clinically relevant size tumor models, allows a controlled, dynamic and reliable drug release to the tumour model, representing a unique approach in the field of in vitro tests. The completely customisable technology allows you to design, control and enhance your drug with no more concerns about cruel testing.



Animal experimentation is almost synonymous with pharmaceutical research in today’s world.

We optimized fluid dynamic conditions to assess drug efficacy recapitulating the systemic drug transport mechanism. MIVO®-device is able to mimic the capillary flow dynamic stimuli feeding the 3D tumor tissue, offering a cruelty-free platform for preclinical drug efficacy tests.


Cosmetics and Dermatology

In Europe, animal testing has been indefinitely banned for cosmetics testing. Alternative models are being developed to conduct cheaper, quicker and more effective cosmetics tests.

With our available and patented services, it is possible to conduct a series of tests on 3D human skin equivalents tissues under more physiological conditions. Our unique technology allows growing 3D living models for skin on air-liquid interface within a fluid dynamic environment, thus achieving an unprecedented level of test reliability. We have already successfully validated our method to conduct tests like medical device permeation & transdermal diffusion, antipollution test, phototoxicity and UV protection and wound healing.


Nutraceutical and Agri-food

In vitro digestion models are essential to study the structural changes, digestibility, and release of food components under simulated gastrointestinal conditions.

MIVO® technology allows in vitro testing of the digestibility and intestinal permeation of food compounds through an innovative, reproducible and cruelty-free approach. The hosting and culture of 3D cellularized intestinal tissues combined with a fluid-dynamic system allow to functionally simulate the absorption of compounds at intestinal levels and measure the percentage of an intestine permeation. It is easy to create new opportunities for yourself in the agri-food sector with our bioreactor offerings.