Single-side fluidic circulation

The interfacing tissue separates the donor chamber from the receiver one; the fluid is able to flow in the receiver chamber at a capillary velocity while in the donor chamber the biological environment is static.

This configuration allows to combine the chemical measurements of molecule/drug absorbed through the tissue with the biological assays to evaluate the effect of the molecule on the tissue coltured.

MIVO Single Flow can be used in (performing) multiple tests, and adapted/adjusted in order to fit the best to your experiments. From the testimony of our customers and our experience, we propose the followings:

What’s included in the MIVO® Single Flow box

This box is designed to have several available chambers for your experiments. All chambers are ready to use and disposable.

  • 12 MIVO® disposable chambers, separately blistered and sterilized, ready to use.
  • Documentation on MIVO® device use.
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