React4life Srl is an innovative start-up, working in the biotech scenario.
The team covers consolidated expertise in the field of Tissue Engineering, bioengineering, regenerative medicine and informatics. The multi-disciplinarity of the team allows to operate in the world of business and public administration at all levels.

schermata-2017-03-02-alle-16-04-57   Giuseppe Poggi, CEO

Scientific Board

ss Dr. Silvia Scaglione, bioengineer, Group Leader of Tissue Engineering lab, CNR-IEIIT, Genoa, Italy. Expert in biotech.

aiello  Dr. Maurizio Aiello , technologist at CNR-IEIIT and founder of Cleis Security srl.

foto_55939  Prof. Marco Fato, Group Leader of Bioimages lab, at the University of Genoa, Italy