Q – What is included in the MIVO® Starting Kit?
A – The starting kit contains 3 MIVO® chambers, 3 tips and 1 plate

Q – What is included in the BULK box?
A – The bulk box contains 12 MIVO chambers, 12 tip

Q – The bulk box has one plate (for three units) and 12 disposable receivers?
A – It has only 12 disposable receivers, since you may use the plate (reusable) of the starting kit. Of course, If you will use directly the bulk bow, we may provide a plate as well.

Q – The bulk does not contain a plate to hold the receivers?
A – The bulk typically doesn’t contain the plate for those who have already bought the starting kit

Q – Can you make a plate with 4 receivers?
A – At the moment no

Q – MIVO is ‘disposable’, but does that mean none of the elements can be reused?
A – Only the pump tubes are reusable

Q – From the brochure it’s hard to see how MIVO works in detail
A – With your order you will receive a training video explaing the use of the MIVO, the loading of the culture media, its sampling, etc.

Q – The upper chamber is covered wither with a lid, or a circulation unit, sketchily indicated in the figure. Are both part of the kit?
A – Both: the starting kit contains the two different versions of the lid: the closed lid, and the li having two tubes, for a second circulation circuit. According to your need, you may then select either the bulk box with 12 closed lips or the box with the tubing lids.

Q – How is sterility maintained?
A – the MIVO is already sterile and sold in single use blisters