Communication between tumor and immune cells is a key point regulating the human tumor onset and growth in the early phases of the disease progression. Moreover, the full understanding of this reciprocal activation and regulation occurring between immune and tumor cells is essential to develop more effective immuno-therapies for cancer treatment.

Hence, it is necessary to develop more reliable and reproducible in vitro experimental models that can properly resemble the physiological crosstalk between human immune and cancer cells, overpassing the limits of in vitro static coculture assays and animal tests.

Here, we culture neuroblastoma cell line (i.e., HTLA-231) and primary human Natural Killer (NK) cells as a case study to recapitulate in vitro the immune cell tumor-specific extravasation and infiltration within 3D tumor models cultured within MIVO® device under fluid-dynamic conditions.
Immune cells are cultured in circulation under physiological capillary blood flow conditions while the 3D tumor matrix is cultured into a permeable porous insert within the MIVO® chamber, physically separated by immune cells, like in vivo.

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