Biology-driven technology – 3D relevant size tissues – Drug testing – Animal testing reduction

Easily turn your assays into
a human & dynamic
environment in vitro


The biology in lab and in REAL life

Science shows that tests carried out in 2D-standard assays are too simplistic and don’t represent the complexity of real tissues. Moreover, such tests are typically executed under static conditions, although biological life is dynamic: this leads to errors and lack of outcome reliability.

To overcome these limitations, React4life scientists have been busy for years finally producing a technology that put together 3D tissues and the fluidics governing biological processes.

Biology inspired technology for helping scientists

We provide an in vitro human systemic platform hosting clinically-relevant size tissue models under physiological fluidic environments for your testing.


Perform realistic, controlled and reproducible tests in a 3D human systemic environment.


Save time and money, turning what you use into disposable MIVO device, which adds human and systemic benefits to your tests.


Keep your cells and tissues, use your protocol assays, move on MIVO platform for novel testing needs.

Cruelty free

Contribute to a sustainable cruelty free future.

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